Day 3 NaNoWriMo & NaBloPoMo

…Sunday. That’s my fun day.  My I don’t have to run day…news funnies

I love Sundays.  I rise at my leisure and my leisure is usually 6 or 7 on Sunday instead of 5.  The kitchen is my first destination and second to putting on the coffee is to give Jazmine her once weekly Fancy Feast – the rest of the week she eats kibble.  How she knows it’s Sunday, I have no idea, but know she does.

I tune the small TV in the corner to the today Show to be followed by CBS Sunday Morning, and sit to sort my Sunday Paper which I usually buy Saturday on the way home from wherever I am. The coupons and ads are on top, followed by the funnies, Parade and lifestyle. Sports, real estate and classifieds are discarded to the recycle box immediately.

Coffee, hot and black, frittata in the oven, toast slithered in butter and paces hot sauce my only condiment.

I’ve only written about 1000 to 1200 words by hand in my notebook today on my NaNo novel.  Tomorrow is Monday, a fast day.  I’ll walk to Starbucks and put in some real time then come back home and transcribe it all.  I’ll be back on track by day’s end.


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