Day 9 – Dumping Current Novel – NaNo/NaBlo

Day 9 of NaNoWriMo  – Dumping current project and starting a new one (sigh)/ NaBloPoMo (9 for  9).

Met with Alabama Writers group for NaNo write-in at Panera’s Main Street @ 10 this morning for a write in and we got no writing in.  It turned into a kibitzing session.  murder cover 1

That was fine. I’ve pretty much lost steam on this project and seriously considering a sequel/spinoff of a previous NaNo Novel.  I’ll have to double up to catch up, but those characters live for me and I can rethink the Wadenhoe project for later in 2014.

I’ll be updating title, etc., on Nanowrimo tomorrow, and start doing some furiouswriting most of tomorrow on new project to make up for lost time.  Tentative Title ‘Murder is a Primary Color’.

Met two interesting young women this morning whose Indie Publishing Company is worth a look.  Check them out at Matter Deep Publishing.

p.s. My own indiepub e-book (How to Journal and How to Publish from your Journal) will be going on sale as an Amazon selection on December 2 @ $2.99.  I’m hoping it will kick up sales.

cover 7 -2journal


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