Day 10 New project started late last night NaNo/NaBlo

Day 10 of NaNoWriMo  – New project started late last night – 10,050 / NaBloPoMo (10 for  10).

As I posted yesterday, I just lost all momentum followed by interest on the Wadenhoe novel, so I just stopped and decided to go with a sequel to an old Nano Novel from a few years back whose
characters still live in a far corner of my mind.

Tentative Title:  Murder is a Primary Color.  I’ve been writing on it most of last night and then again today to get back to the 10,050 words I had already written on Wadenhoe. I’ll have to do 3500 words a day to get back on schedule by this coming Friday.

I’m beat.  I’m looking forward to pouring a glass of cabernet and tuning in PBS Masterpiece @ 8 to watch Paradise followed by a rerun of season 2 episode of Downton and book

Dessert will be a second glass of wine and as many chapters of current new book, an ARC of ‘Hild’ by Nicola Griffith which is due out Tuesday.   Set in 7th century Britain, the style is much like that of Mists of Avalon and I am so loving it.  

Meanwhile, here’s new NaNo excerpt:
Scene: Breakfast bar in Jades sunny kitchen:

…”Hmmm? Oh – yes, Mira. I’ve been called in by my friend in law enforcement. You remember the Lt. Jeffries I worked with several months ago?”

“Yes Miss, it’s the murders on the news. Isn’t it?”

Jade’s white forehead furrowed and she gazed from beneath black brows. Mira was momentarily frightened and Jadeah sensed her fear and relaxed her face and smiled. “I should view the news more often, you apparently know more than I. Yes, I suppose it would have been on the news. But please, no questions. I must plan my day. When the bell rings, it will be Lt Jeffries. Please let him in.”

Sabrina was suddenly on the red leather stool next to Jade, carefully preening her paw with special attention to her claws. Their eyes and minds met and Sabrina queried, “We have work?”

“Yes, will you help?”

“Of course. I might be an old woman, but I am quite able.”

“Point taken old girl. We wait for our ride; be alert.”

Mira watched in awe from the stove as she poured the steaming chocolate almond milk into a large blue mug of equally steaming black cayenne laced coffee. She knew her mistress talked to this feline, and she was sure the feline understood and talked back.

Mira’s grandmother had explained to her about curanderas and their familiars and told her to treat the cat as well as her mistress and speak to her as to a human and with respect. This cat was not like her little Sabato at home, not at all. This one looked at you when you talked. Mira only hoped it could not read minds, too.

The doorbell interrupted her thoughts, and she put the coffee on the bar in front of Jade and left the kitchen to let in the Lt. She touched the keypad and stood with her mouth a little open. She had forgotten how fair was this gentle giant. All blond longish hair, clear amber eyes and legs that went on forever. “My mistress waits in the kitchen, sir.”

James strode down the hall and Mira did not catch up with him until he was seated at the kitchen bar on the other side of Brie – and now there were three.

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