Day 13 Wrote no words except this Blog Today NaNo/ NaBlo

Day 13 of NaNoWriMo Wordcount still 15600/ NaBloPoMo (13 for 13)

Today is mIMG_2389[1]y weekly day out with my mom, and that is more important to me than any wordcount.  I’ll catch up in the next few days, but today belongs to us.

Macy’s came to pick up the chair and ottoman she bought barely a week ago.  They don’t make things like they used to. Macy’s, to their credit, didn’t argue.  They picked up the defective furniture and credited her account.

From there we headed out to the Salvation Army Store on Green Springs. Wednesday everything in the store is 25% off and all clothes with a white tag is a further 50% off.

From there we headed to Acapulco Mexican restaurant, that that not only has good food, but on Wednesday has two for one on menu items A thru L all day long. We both enjoyed ice cold dos Equis and such ample portions of food that we both took home enough food for lunch tomorrow.

From there we hit Aldi’s, Academy Sports, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Big Lots, happy hour at Bone Fish Grill for margaritas and Bang Bang Shrimp, etc., etc., and finally stopped off at Publix on the way home to pick up a few essentials including beer an wine and got back to mom’s around 7.  I got to my abode a bit ago with a leftover shrimp for Jazmine – her due for my being out all day.

Now I’ve put the new heated throw I got at Walmart on the couch and Jazmine and I are going to enjoy the warmth while she does her ablutions followed by belly up snores and I read a few more chapters of Hild.

I’ll resume my writing on my NaNo novel tomorrow after a long chilly walk in the park.

Manana y’all.

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