Day 12 Wrote 2000 words & 1 Blog Today NaNo/ NaBlo

Day 12 of NaNoWriMo Wordcount 15600/ NaBloPoMo (12 for 12)

Aimed for 3500 today, but fell short.  I logged a hard fought 2000 though before heading out to run essential chores.

First up were items due at library today or I’d be charged a dollar a day each – fridge redonetoo much with 12 movies checked out and several books.  Run by my P.O. box to check for incoming and mail the car payment.  Annoys me that I can’t pay it on line because the bank that holds the note won’t set me sign up unless I have an account at their bank.  No thanks, I’ll mail it.  Grocery store for coffee, an essential of life.  Golden Temple for Essiac tea ingredients – don’t ask.

No momentum for writing when I got home, so I spent more than a few hours doing my monthly refrigerator and kitchen thorough cleaning which I’ve skipped the last 2 months (major ewww).  Completing such a chore gives me the satisfaction of finishing something start to finish. Much needed feeling when writing a novel in spits and starts.

This morning’s writing was spent on the some background.

As the century waned in the decade of 90, more and more seeking enlightenment found it.  Those who believed achieved each to his or her own dreams.  Second sight for many became second nature – the gift held peril and obligation.  The Wyse and ordinary people had been seeking and finding the truths and marrying like-minded and like-gifted, and by the year 2020, their children were being born with the inherent gifts and their parents were at once thrilled and afraid. 

Also born in those days was a mounting fear of those with so-called unnatural powers.  So the parents of the psy-child did not brag, did not speak of it and kept the children home to protect them and teach them control.

Hidden and quiet they went about their lives as normally as possible.  Time passed and things were calm, but tense.  Only among their own were they free to be themselves.  And so there were coded emails and actual letters crossing the country; there were coded ads in the digital and print papers, followed by phone contact, then mind as one by one they identified each other.  Their desires were the same.  To live a good and fruitful life and leave behind something better for their children.  But there was a cloud on the horizon and it was not just intolerance and bigotry.

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