Have you jumped on the ‘OneWord’ BandWagon?

I jumped on the ‘One Word’ bandwagon thinking it would be easier that making a list of New Year’s Resolutions.  Well, it is not.  Choosing the word was a piece of cake; but living it remains to be seen.art light of moon 1stairs

My One Word is ‘Create’.  I’m an artist and a writer and a photographer, so it seemed a logical choice, until I realized that those things are not all I create.

By my every action, deed and word I create my home, my life, my opinions, my relationships, my health and so much more.  I create these things based on the actions I take, the friendships I make a myriad of things I’ve not identified yet.

Therein lies the difficult part – where to begin.  I’ll be pondering and/or meditating on that over the weekend.  What is the ideal life I want to create and what are the steps to the top of that stair.


More later.

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