Do you love winter Southern Style?

Jasmine is irritated with me, but not for the first time since this cold snap began.  If the temperature was at least above freezing, I’d have opened her kitty door to the screened in balcony that is her outdoors.  But, it is not.  The temperature this morning on my balcony was 7 degrees and I don’t want to know the wind chill, as I did not plastic in the balcony this year as I did in years past.  My office window at right had enough frost on the inside to require an ice scraper.IMG_2894

Even at 35 degrees, when I let Jazmine out she comes right back in and stares at me as only a cat can.  The odd ‘meorrow’ seems to ask accusingly, “What have you done to the weather?”  She might venture out once or twice more before walking haughtily down the hall to lie on the leopard electric throw at the foot of my bed.

I keep that electric throw set on low at the foot of my bed from the day the temperature first hits 40 just for her.  She knows she can count on that spot for warmth sunshine or no sunshine to warm herself day or night.  Handy for her, since I rarely run the central heat.

I truly hate to run the gas central heat.  It sucks the freshness from the very air, and in my opinion, most of the breathable oxygen.  It dries my skin and my hair.  More importantly, it dries my sinuses leaving me susceptible to any arbitrary bug, as it did last week after several visits to over-heated homes for dinner parties, etc.

Jaz golden eyes

I have to turn the central heat on occasionally to warm the bathroom for a shower, but it’s off again right now as I sit at my desk writing this Blog.  I have  a small ceramic heater whirring away at me feet at the moment, and I’ll move it next to the couch when I move in there to watch NCIS later.

I go to bed around midnight and I slip my feet under Jazmine’s throw just long enough to take the chill off and allow the down comforter to return my heat to me.  Jasmine curls up on top of it for most of the night.  The throw will stay on for Jazmine until we have several consecutive days at 70.

By Thursday or Friday the temperature will be in the 40’s and 50’s, and I’ll open her kitty door again.  I love winter southern style – it comes and goes and seldom lingers more than a day or two.


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