Do You Journal?

In the midst of all things on my November ToDo’s list, I’m still writing my morning pages in my journal – at least 3 handwritten pages every morning. I usually write more throughout the day. Why?

It’s my creative net to:

  • Capture Ideas of the moment to pursue later. The pen is my best memory.
  • Give form to my dreams and ponder how to give them wings.
  • Brainstorm solutions to problems.
  • Write a poem, or essay or capture a character for later extemporization.

It’s my friend & confident where I:

  • Give voice to things best kept to myself knowing the confidence will go no further. Cheaper than a shrink.
  • Give thanks for what I have without sounding maudlin.
  • Cry over losses, and rejoice in my triumphs.
  • And so much more.

3 Comments (+add yours?)

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  2. Stuart Danker
    Nov 11, 2020 @ 20:56:53

    “The pen is my best memory.”

    That’s such a great quote, and I can totally relate because when I look back at entries from a couple of years ago, I’m pretty sure I’d never have remembered them were it not for the pen.



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