Party Time At Last

Finally some places doing their traditional holiday open house. So we masked up, put hand sanitizer and wipes in purses n pockets and converged first at Gallery Services. Amazing art inside and outside, lovely hot hors d’ oeuvres. I started inside but when it got crowded, I found a lovely large outside table all to myself then shared with Sarah, a local freelance interior designer.


From there a few of us walked across the street to @PepperPlace to @designsupplyshop, more fabulous art, and furnishing for the home. Here @bayogourmet was cooking some delicious seafood bites of shrimp, salmon, and more. And the gods save me, an open bar with Tito’s Vodka – I’m a sucker for vodka. Again masks everywhere. I found a cozy corner to sip, nibble, take pictures and chat w friends at a distance. A perfect end to a perfect evening.

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