Zen in the Kitchen

Zen is a good chef’s knife and food to chop, dice, mince, a pot to stir. So much this year has been out of our control, but in the kitchen I control it all.

Other than my walkabout, one of the most satisfying places where I can really get into the moment, the zazen, is when involved in a kitchen chore.

With my writing and painting there is no immediacy. I paint or write for hours and it never quite feels done. I drop one piece to begin another and in the end, I have 5 paintings half done; 2 novels unedited; and numerous essays that don’t quite hit the mark.

So today at mom’s I sat at the kitchen bar and diced, minced measured, sautéed, and mixed. I now have 2 pans of dressing, 2 of broccoli casserole. The bird is cleaned, patted dry and awaits tomorrow’s roasting.

We watched cheesy Hallmark Xmas movies, chatted, sipped beer and ate take-out from Acapulco’s – socially distanced of course – she sat on the couch, me on my usual perch at the kitchen bar.

Tomorrow will be a breeze as everything is ready to just pop in the oven. First a long walkabout, then coffee, morning pages and Macy’s Faux Parade before heading over to Mom’s after noon. Plenty of time as we rarely eat before seven. Happy Thanksgiving Eve y’all.

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