The Rock of Ritual & Rote

The Rock of Ritual & Rote

with rote of ritual

rock bottom can become our

solid foundation

Ritual has many forms. Some as simple as making your morning coffee or tea; performing morning ablutions; etc.

I would add to those a few of my favorites – I’m sure you have more:

    Taking my early morning walk sans the distraction of headgear, so I can listen to my own thoughts and the sounds of nature around me.
    Writing stream-of-consciousness by hand in my journal on my return, before the noise of the day intrudes and crowds out my own internal voice.
    Preparing food for the day whether breakfast, lunch or dinner.  The cracking of an egg, butter on toast; the simple act of dicing carrots, celery, pickles for a tuna salad; julienning vegetables for a stir fry. All these rote preparations have a Zen affect when we pay attention.
    Lighting candles on my small home altar.
    Memory of stroking my cat’s soft fur and relishing her soft purr as we settled on the couch with a good book and a glass of Pinot Noir. I miss that.
    Writing in my gratitude journal nightly a list of at least 5 things I am grateful for before turning out the lights.

If we stop and pay attention to the small rote rituals of our day they can be that rock that anchors us after an otherwise stormy day.

What are some of yours?

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