Day 11 Wrote 3600 words &1 Blog Today NaNo Wordcount 13,600/ NaBlo

Day 11 of NaNoWriMo Wordcount 13,600/ NaBloPoMo (11 for 11)

If I can keep this pace, I’ll be back on tract by Friday, and I’ve got to get it done during the day, as the round of parties has begun.

mm heart

  1. Wednesday 11/13    Weekly day out with Mom (any writing will need doing by 10 a.m.)
  2. Thursday 11/14 – PepperPlace holiday open house. Most all of the shops are open 5-9.   Musts are Charlie Thigpen, Atmosphere’s,, King’s House Antiques and more.
  3. Thursday 11/14 – Frontera Iron Works 5-9 (I got some amazing metal crafted flowers)
  4. Friday 11/15 – Daniel Day Gallery’s Holiday Art Show. 6-10 (Stillmetal flowers 1 loving my handmade heart)
  5. Saturday 11/16 – Viking Party at @ the Wilsons 6 til???

So I worked on a my protagonist’s love interest today.  Excerpt below:

Character’s Back Story – James

Tomorrow was graduation.  He remembered how his Mother worried; he could tell the way she paced when she thought he wasn’t watching.  She’d yell at Dad when he talked about it, too. “No, absolutely not.  It isn’t bad enough I worry if you’ll come back every day when you leave for work, you want me to worry about my only son, too.  He should be a lawyer or a doctor or a writer.  Lord knows he has enough imagination to be a writer.  His school counselor said so.”

James hated it when they argued.  He’d just turn the volume up on one his dad’s old viewer as he watched Sam Cade, Detective for Hire for the hundredth time.  He’d pretend he was Sam Cade – super detective.  “Yes, some day.  Well, Sam Cade started in law enforcement, and then went private.  And all the women fall for him and the regular law enforcers envy him.  Yea, that’s what I’ll do.  First, I’ll follow Dad’s path, but I won’t settle for just that; no sir, not me.  I’ll get all the training I can get from the pros and then I’ll do what Sam Cade did.  James Harden, private detective.  Well, maybe I can change my name.  James seems so, so ordinary.”

He remembered when he and his Dad used to talk long into the night on their weekly hike up into the mountains.  He told James his fears and his aspirations, “I know that no matter what happens I’ve lived a good life.  Boy, that’s all that’s truly important.  Whatever you do in life, do it because you really want to, and do it really well.  If you marry, marry for love and because of things and in spite of things.  Your mom’s a good woman and when she met me, I was in law enforcement and she hated it.  But I loved her in spite of that and she me too.  Do you understand?  I mean, you can talk yourself out of a lot of things just because you’re afraid.  Don’t let fear ever stand in the way of doing what you love and loving people who may not love all the things you do.”

James wished he had written it all down, now.  But sometimes, he lay back on a dark night on the side of a trail and let his mind drift back to those times and he could hear the distant voice echoed in his ear.  “Follow your dreams, boy.  Only a fool is never afraid, and only a coward lets fear stand in the way of what’s right for him.”

James thought.  Thanks Dad, I’ll make you proud.  I’m doing it Dad.  I’ll be the youngest detective ever on the force in history.

(c) perle champion

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