Party Time At Last

Finally some places doing their traditional holiday open house. So we masked up, put hand sanitizer and wipes in purses n pockets and converged first at Gallery Services. Amazing art inside and outside, lovely hot hors d’ oeuvres. I started inside but when it got crowded, I found a lovely large outside table all to myself then shared with Sarah, a local freelance interior designer.


From there a few of us walked across the street to @PepperPlace to @designsupplyshop, more fabulous art, and furnishing for the home. Here @bayogourmet was cooking some delicious seafood bites of shrimp, salmon, and more. And the gods save me, an open bar with Tito’s Vodka – I’m a sucker for vodka. Again masks everywhere. I found a cozy corner to sip, nibble, take pictures and chat w friends at a distance. A perfect end to a perfect evening.

Do You Journal?

In the midst of all things on my November ToDo’s list, I’m still writing my morning pages in my journal – at least 3 handwritten pages every morning. I usually write more throughout the day. Why?

It’s my creative net to:

  • Capture Ideas of the moment to pursue later. The pen is my best memory.
  • Give form to my dreams and ponder how to give them wings.
  • Brainstorm solutions to problems.
  • Write a poem, or essay or capture a character for later extemporization.

It’s my friend & confident where I:

  • Give voice to things best kept to myself knowing the confidence will go no further. Cheaper than a shrink.
  • Give thanks for what I have without sounding maudlin.
  • Cry over losses, and rejoice in my triumphs.
  • And so much more.

I Believe Because It’s Worth Believing.

Hard as it is in these times to believe it’ll be a right in the end. This dialogue from a sweet movie called Second Hand Lions” resonates with me. And I’m holding on to this belief because it’s worthy of believing in.

“Sometimes the things that may or may not be true are the things that a man needs to believe in the most.

That people are basically good. That honor, courage and virtues mean everything. That power and money, money and power mean nothing; that Good always triumphs over Evil; and I want you to remember this: That Love, true Love never dies.

Doesn’t matter if any of this is true or not. You see a man should believe in these things because these are the things worth believing in.”

Accidental Dumpster Diving

Accidental dumpster diving. I took recycle and trash out to the alley this morning. And. I was amazed to find this perfectly good chair. This is a seriously well made, heavy, real wood chair. I washed it w Murphy’s Wood Soap and dried w paper towels.

Why do people do that. If I discard something someone else can use, I put it on that patch of grass next to the dumpster. Others just put things out on the front curb. Either way Nothing lasts more than a day in the city. One person’s trash, another’s treasure.

Glad I took trash out early. Talk about timing. 20 minutes later the truck was out back emptying the dumpster. This beauty would be in a landfill by the end of the day.

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Dia de Los Muertos

A mother showing her daughters the altar to RBG at dia de los muertos. I couldn’t hear the conversation, but they lingered for quite some time.

Although I went Wednesday night, had to stop by on its last night. This year’s event was special. Reminiscent of the first one here in Birmingham at Bare Hands Gallery so many years ago.

The last several years, it had become more of a circus than I care to visit. But this was special. It resonated. I could feel the grief of those left behind and presence of the souls being celebrated

So much loss this year and this seemed a fitting memorial.

And it ended on a day when things are looking brighter for the living after 4 years of uncertainty and chaos.

Walking Alley Ways

#perleswalkabout I decided to go off street and meander down my alley and a few others around the neighborhood. The morning skies were pastel tinted. A lone still green fig on a barren limb will most likely be bird food before it ever ripens. A confused 4’oclock bloom is wide open while his kin sleep until the appointed hour. And graffiti flowers painted on a wall probably trying to add some beauty to offset the detritus strewn alley next to the dumpster saying property of the …Baptist Church – sad.

Home now to coffee and my journal to do my morning pages on the balcony before going about my day.

Basic Black

My basic uniform is black on black be it shorts, leggings, jeggings or jeans with a black T or Tank and one accent piece: most often black, but vibrant colors for dress up.

I recently scored 3 gorgeous men’s shirts for my winter around the house uniform accent piece. They are brand name and we’re $4.50 each at Salvation Army store.

I like being able to leave the house at the drop of a hat without having to change. So this morning it was black leggings, black tank and my new red shirt.

And this evening for the art opening, I exchanged the shirt for a kimono

The shoes are at the door ready to slip on as I spend most indoor time barefoot until the temp dips to the 30s.

Wonderful evening of art, sangria, and conversation.

Wild Child


#perleswalkabout Walking thru the willow’s graceful branches early this morning, and suddenly I’m still that little girl, that wild child as described in Shekinah Leigh’s Honouring the Feminine.

“…I’m talking about the girls who become obsessed with horses, or wolves, or witches, and who knew themselves to be wild creatures like those. They vanish outdoors, hiding in trees, sticking their hands in the dirt, making potions from mud and sticks. They escape into complex worlds of their own imagining, shared between other little girls or solitary kingdoms.”

Dia de los muertos 2020

Stopped by Birmingham’s 18th annual dia de los muertos @PepperPlace — so different this year — a more somber affair.

There was none of the more festival like atmosphere of years past.

Walking by each altar I felt as if the veils between the worlds had truly thinned.

It will run thru November 7, 5p – 9p. And it is free to the public, masks required of course.

Four Years of Broken Things

Ennui. Feeling sad as I look around.

The current president and his enablers have lost us the long maintained respect of the world; has aided and abetted the resurrection of intolerant racists, haters; has steadily trod on the Constitution and rights of the press and citizens and the list goes on and on.

But I have hope. Hope that I am not alone on this Election Day. Hope that are more who feel as I do and will vote as I do. I’m voting today for a change I believe will bring our nation back to some semblance of normalcy. We’ve lost so much these past four years at the hands of an inept wanna-be dictator. espect of the world.

This year has shone a serious light on just how much is broken since 2016. I’m hopeful. But not watching the blow by blow coverage. I’ll see results in the morning.

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