S is for Seek, Seas, beyond the Strand…

Day 19 of Blogging from A to Z.  Today’s letter is S

S is for Seek, Seas, Strand…

to seek out new seas
one must abandon the strand
lose sight of the shore

Many people opt to stay securely on that narrow strand. Perhaps they’ll wonder what lies beyonddrawing birds orange sun 1 across the sea.  Perhaps they’ll wonder what lies inland as well.

Alas, fear holds them fast.  They might take a hesitant step seaward, but the ventured foot sinks deep as the eager current’s pull makes footing unsure.  They might step inland, but here too the shifting sands make footing once more unsure.

And so they remain on their small path wondering but never knowing what lies beyond.

© Perle Champion

L is for Luminous Ley Lines

Day 14 of Blogging from A to Z.  Today’s letter is L
L is for Luminous Ley Lines

ley lines luminous
strands that lie across the land
nature’s subtle weave


moon trees


Spring fever

Perle Champion

Persephone preens
impatient to climb the stair
to sunshine and air

I’m ready, too. The lengthening days tease me with the promise of green growing things.

Camus can have his endless summer; give me Spring.


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Have you jumped on the ‘OneWord’ BandWagon?

I jumped on the ‘One Word’ bandwagon thinking it would be easier that making a list of New Year’s Resolutions.  Well, it is not.  Choosing the word was a piece of cake; but living it remains to be seen.art light of moon 1stairs

My One Word is ‘Create’.  I’m an artist and a writer and a photographer, so it seemed a logical choice, until I realized that those things are not all I create.

By my every action, deed and word I create my home, my life, my opinions, my relationships, my health and so much more.  I create these things based on the actions I take, the friendships I make a myriad of things I’ve not identified yet.

Therein lies the difficult part – where to begin.  I’ll be pondering and/or meditating on that over the weekend.  What is the ideal life I want to create and what are the steps to the top of that stair.


More later.

Day 7 no words written. NaNo/NaBlo

Day 7 of NaNoWriMo Wordcount Still 10,050/ NaBloPoMo (7 for  7).

Today was my weekly day out with Mom. We began with breakfast, shopped, lunched, shopped, happy hour at Dodiyo’s, visited every shop in Homewood’s holiday open house.

I dropped her off at 8pm and I got home at 9.
I’m watching Elementary, might do the news and then to bed with ARC called Hild. (Advanced Reading Copy).
Tomorrow I’ll have to double up on my daily word output.  A little over 3000 -sigh.

Some Beach Some Where

Journal Entry 3/11/13. I ran away today in time. When the sun didn’t come, I sat back on the sheltered balcony and watched the clouds pour forth to wash fresh my world. The steady din of rain upon the roof of this small place is a song, one of many that I love. The storm passes and I’m free to walk on.

All the sounds of life surround me: the wind rustling the long grasses, gulls flying low and calling to me hopeful for a crumb, and the surf, the ever-pounding surf.

The surf pushes and pulls me as I walk through its flow, shoes tied and slung across my shoulder, bare feet on sand leaving a fleeting imprint on the strand.


Lacuna, Hiatus, Break ends today

Friday February 15 – 10 days yesterday since my last post.  I just decided that I’d proven to myself what I needed to prove.  It started with the January 1 commitment to myself that I could write and post a blog every day for a year.  That I could write on demand without a thought in my head as to what that writing would contain.

I found poetry came easier than much else, and haiku demanded I be brief.  Some were successful, some banal, some just utilitarian.

Thing is I took a lesson from an on-line friend who used to have a blog called Mildly Creative.   He said it’s okay to be mildly creative.I'm counting down - 62 days to go.

I read that and looked around and found what I already know. Not all that is published by anyone is all pure gold, some is mediocre, some down right bad.  It’s okay to be mildly creative.  The thing is to continue creating.

I’m leaving the day job March 29, for my home office studio.  I’ve been planning, painting, drawing and writing (not blogging).

With this post, I’m back.  There’ll be some poetry, some paintings and updates on my journey through this my 64th year.

  • Three-page mini-website is up and I’m working on the full blown one.
  • E-book on journaling and publishing from the pages of your journal is almost finished and I should launch it late March/early April.
  • Poetry e-book is taking shape.IMG_2098[1]
  • Nostalgia essay under consideration at Victoria Magazine.
  • More to come…

Which is the dream?

in dream I oft walk
familiar streets, halls, houses
dream more real than life.

I often wonder which is the reality of our life. Which is the real dream. Which is the real life. What does real really mean.

The yellow brick road beckons


POV is Everything

the wheel keeps turning
seen as fast or slow depends
if you’re young or old.


The ways of nature

beyond the windows
fogged by lovers heavy breath
nature has her way


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